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ADVENTURES:His favourite category

1:King's Quest Series
2:Space Quest Series
3:Police Quest 1-4
4:Quest for Glory Series
5:Leisure suit Larry Series
6:Ecoquest Series
7:Manhunter Series
8:Code Name:Iceman
9:Gold Rush
10:Laura Bow Series
11:Conquest Series
12:Black Cauldron
13:Rise of the Dragon
14:Indiana Jones 3,4
15:Kyrandia Trilogy
16:Day of The Tentacle
17:The DIG
18:Broken Sword 1,2
19: Monkey Island 1,2,3
And many others.These are just some of his favourite.He's got fullscore in most of them and he's trying hard for those he hasn't.

Puzzle Games


Arcade Games

1:Bubble Bobble
3:The Chaos Engine

Sport Games

1:NBA Live 96
2:Sensible World of Soccer

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