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Welcome to the bin of thoughts.

Let me introduce myself.I'm George.You really must be couragous to have come this far.


  • Have you ever wondered who you are?Pull your mind back,behind your body and think "Me?Me who?".

  • Focus on other people's faces.Certain characteristics,unnoticed before,describe their face.

  • Think of the world we're living in as a part of a huge living organisation,that being part of another.Think of the planets,suns and solar systems like the atoms and molecules of matter.We could even be germs taking in account our behaviour.

  • I just experienced an earthquake.I was sitting at the same place as when last year's quake took place.What a coincidence!

  • Speaking of coincidence,someone mentioned Max Plank and his Quantum theory.I said "Plank?".A couple of hours later,my mother brought me a book on that very same subject,without having told her anything.

  • Do you believe in dreams coming true?Has it ever happened to you to dream of something and ,maybe not the very next day,but soon afterwards to come true?It certainly has occured to me a couple of times.Amazing I'd say!


    A Word For The Net Nerds

  • People,internet is not life.Life's out there.
  • A Wish

  • I wish they made another type-in graphic adventure.
  • A Dream

  • To travel all around the world.
  • Your Opinion

    Ok,some may think all of the above are stupid or make no sense.And so for the rest of the page.I'm just trying to express myself. This is how I feel. I may not be good at it but I like it.If you don't,go ahead and leave.I'm not going to change my ways for anybody in this world.

    Serious stuff

    Life is indeed a strange but also wonderful thing.Ignore the boring and those who treat you bad.Give thanks for your health.
    I feel very proud of being Greek and even more of being GreekCypriot.Let's hope I'll be able to visit my whole country soon.Freedom.

    Kypros mou,s'agapo kai eimai etoimos na xatho gia s'ena. 

    The Eclipse

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