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Georgium Sports Center

Georgium Sports Center

Welcome to the G.S.C.I'm your host.My name is Taz.

As you can see,everything in here is aged.Ok,go ahead and shoot me for being away for four months and missing all the action!

Eurobasket '97:Spain

As Everybody should know,tommorrow begins the Eurobasket in Spain. Greece will be present there,setting up against the turks on the first game. The Greek team which is totally renewed,is full of talents which are capable of a medal.Head coach Panayiotis Giannakis said we should wait a bit before starting praising ourselves,but taking in account the greek soul,We'll have no trouble against Turkey. The Greek team is composed by the following:
Kalaitzis,Rentzias,Patavoukas,Boudouris,Papanikolaou,Sigalas,Koronios, Alvertis,Oikonomou,Myriounis,Giannoulis,Soulis and Christodoulou.
The last preparatory game for Greece was a winner as the players of Panayiotis Giannakis won Poland with a score of 103-73.The best player of the greek team who is setting up for the big one,was the chief,Fanis Christodoulou who scored 17 points.The game was held on spanish grounds.

Greece 74-Turkey 52

"The poor Turk,he just fell for it..." were the comment of Eurosports reporter as young Demetris "Pap" Papanikolaou,gave a pass acting and slammed the ball.Greece won Turkey in an easy way,although some mistakes allowed the Turks to get a bit close.The greeks had the lead all way through after the first five minutes,and kept the score at a constant 7pts ahead and up.Top players were Oikonomou with 16pts,Rentzias 14pts and "Pap" 13.Our team showed a really good face and is optimistic about tomorrow's game with the Russians.A probable win will open the road to victory...

Greece 74-Russia 72

The team did it again.Having a lead all the way through,Greece beat Russia and conquered the first place in the 1st group.Keeping the distance even up to 18 points in the first half,Greece almost destroyed everything in the second half,as the russians made a derby out of the game.Keeping calm,the greeks managed to keep the win,with four players passing the ten points limit.Oikonomou and Rentzias both had 16pt,followed by Koronios and Christodoulou.Tomorrow's game with Bosnia shouldn't be a problem at all for the players of Panayiotis Giannakis,as the Turks beat them today quite easily.

Greece 78-Bosnia 76

Greece beat Bosnia in a thriller,after a buzzer beater three-pointer by Frangiskos Alvertis.The greeks underestimated the bosnians,and,whilst in the lead during the first half with up to 18 points,turned to get behind in score with even 9 points.Young Papanikolaou took it up by himself and gave valuable help in offense.With a good defense,and the score being 75-76 for the bosnians,the greeks got the ball and made it to the last three pointer with Alvertis.The top player of the team,who was really disappointing,was Papanikolaou with 20 points.Now Greece is facing Lithuania on Sunday,in an attempt to conquer first place in the 1st group of the second round.

Eurobasket Sum Up

Sorry for the delay folks.Eurobasket is over.Greece got the fourth place with the "Plavi" getting the first after beating them in the semi finals. In my opinion,it was an unworthy defeat.I'm too sad to say anything.

Olympiakos Piraius.

History from thrylos should David Rivers be considered since his answer was delayed beyond limits.Dusan Ivkovic is now looking in the Russian market for a playmaker.Karasev and Bazarevic are first in the list,with the serb Dejan Bondiroga to follow.
-Comment:Let's hope that Olympiakos is not going to dismantle the Euroleage winning team.George Sigalas and Christian Velp have already left and so is David Rivers.Ivkovic should be aware that this is a Greek team and should not be filled with serbs and other Europeans.Panathinaikos,is a recent sad example of such a behaviour.

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