This is my favourite cartoon show.Unfortunately,Disney stopped creating new episodes so what we now see are replays.Whenever I think about it,beautiful memories of the good old times when I was little and watched it,come to my mind.I've got three video tapes filled with their adventures,among which are the two last episodes,fact I'm very proud of.


The Gummies are a kind of human-like bears:They talk,live in houses and generally act like us.They even have a secret juice made of gummiberries which gives them strenght and the ability to bounce. The stories take place in the MiddleAges,where the GummiGlen,the place where the Great Gummies used to live is inhabited only by seven gummies.The Great Gummies,being afraid of human behaviour left for a far away land,still waiting for the signal that's safe to return.However,our friends discover more Gummies in Ursalia,another mythical city. The cast is completed with the friendly people of Darwin where good King Gregor rules.He has a daughter,Princess Cala who along with a young man,Cavin become friends with the Gummies and share their adventures . A good story would never be complete without the "bad guy".Here,the role is taken by Duke Igthorn,who plans to become the king of Darwin with the aid of his ogres.

The Gummies

The seven gummies who live in Gummi Glen are:


the every-job-gummi


the wise magic user gummi


the "mother" gummi


the always hungry gummi


the ambitious gummi


the young gummi


the artist gummi

This is Sunni
Here are Grummi and Zummi

Here you can find the lyrics of the introduction song

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